Serious about strength. not so serious about anything else.

HEFTY is a media and apparel company based in Northern Ireland which aims to provide quality entertainment surrounding the sport of strongman while also creating brand designs which you can wear with pride in the gym.

In 2019, we set out to document our respective journeys in powerlifting, bodybuilding, strongman and more, but have since branched out to all aspects of strength while keeping our main focus on the sport of strongman and the world around it. There are 3 of us in all:

Ethan Savage: You’ll most often see Ethan either providing updates or complaining. That’s just about the height of all he does. He’s also a personal trainer with a special interest in strength and conditioning. For personal training enquiries, click here.

Ben Savage: Ben holds just about all the brains within the organisation. For news, information, history, or just about anything else you could hope to know about strongman, Ben will be the one to tell you everything.

Jarrad Bowes: Jabs is the opinions and reviews guy. Need some info on a product? Ask Jabs. Unboxings, hauls, reviews, feedback and more; Jabs does it all.

At HEFTY, we’re passionate about bringing strongman to the masses. We want to show that you can be a healthy participant in strength sports, which are a fantastic way to push yourself, make friends and develop confidence. We’re also big advocates of body positivity and mental health; our channel, website and store are a safe space for anyone who might want to come and join in any of the fun we have together.

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